Aquarium, Sea Life and much more!

Jesolo offers many opportunities to deeply know seaside and its inhabitants.Jesolo Aquarium in Piazza Brescia displays a lot of tropical fishes species, from very rare fishes to the more prehistoric ones such as Atlantic horseshoe crabs and Nautilius, to the more colorful Rabbitfishes and Butterflyfishes, to the more dangerous Reef Stonefishes, to extraordinary Jellyfishes!Located inside Laguna Shopping centre next to Picchi Stadium roundabout, SEA LIFE Jesolo opens the doors to an amazing underwater world. Inside the Oceanic Tunnel sharks and rays swim above your head; it is possible to touch sea stars with your own hands and to admire seahorses.Don’t miss out the opportunity to travel among the salt and sweet waters of the world to discover all the curiosities about seaside inhabitants!Be ready for close encounters with extraordinary creaturs such as curious sea stars, elegant rays and strong sharks.

Mobby Dick II Motor Vessel

If you want to have a trip to Venice by motor vessel leaving directly from Jesolo beach, Moby Dick II is what you are looking for!Your journey will lead you to Venice and to the main islands of the Lagoon, such as Murano, Burano e Torcello. The three ocking points are Cortellazzo, Piazza Milano and Piazza Marconi, directly on the beach.Tickets are sold on the motor vessel.