Aquarium, Sea Life and much more!

Jesolo offers many opportunities to deeply know seaside and its inhabitants.Jesolo Aquarium in Piazza Brescia displays a lot of tropical fishes species, from very rare fishes to the more prehistoric ones such as Atlantic horseshoe crabs and Nautilius, to the more colorful Rabbitfishes and Butterflyfishes, to the more dangerous Reef Stonefishes, to extraordinary Jellyfishes!Located inside [...]

Water Sports Centre in Jesolo

A gentle breeze blows, the wind gets stronger, the sun stays up in the sky while that blow gets stronger and stronger. Many peple don’t even realize the difference, but for other that breeze is the CALL. The Water Sports Centre is the venue for the ones who are pushed to try every king of [...]

Fun fair in Jesolo

The New Jesolandia amusement park awaits every evening in its new location in Via Roma Destra, near the Pista Azzura go-kart track. From 8 pm until late at night you can experience over fifty different attractions, from classic rides for children to the latest high adrenaline factor ride like Mixtreme, on Tibetan bridges about eight [...]